4 epic merch stores to explore...

Goofy Epic Stuff  Come explore Brew-Topia, a land of puns, sentient beer, a couple cute animals, and some medieval stuff. It's part Narnia, part Monty Python, and part delightful nonsense, which would be the biggest part.

Fuzzy Genius  Meet the likes of Chip the Monk, the squirrel who teaches animals to meditate, and his fuzzy friends. This merch is just as funny as real animals are, but it smells a lot better. Explore your favorite cast of clever critters.

Philosophy & French Fries  I'm sure your college Philosophy professor did a great job, but if you haven't met Arrowstotle the wobbly headed archer or Descartes in a Cart, then there's still a lot more knowledge to explore.

Retro Sapiens  To remember the good old times, you no longer have to pull up photos of your friends in mullets. Just check out Retro Sapiens - all of the nostalgia, none of the embarrassment.

Outrageous Ideas Meet Oustanding Quality

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